You need to emphasize on your basic academic skills for STEP. Read on to know information on STEP Cambridge preparation.

STEP- General Tips

Since STEP exam is purely a judgment on your academic skills, based on mathematics, so you should refer to lots and lots of credible study material. Your basics in the school should be very strong and on your tips. The following links are related to the STEP paper patterns, as described by its official bodies. It gives an insight in the pattern of checking, important formulas, core and advanced problems. You can refer to other material as well available in the market in the form of course book preparation material.
Preparation For STEP
·         As calculators are not allowed in the examination for STEP, so you should be very quick and correct in your calculations. Practice the course without any use of calculator. Your focus should be on correct answers and quick timing.
·         You should be taking the conventional mode of practicing, as it is a paper-pen based exam and you can take rulers, compass, and protractors in the examination hall. Practice only with pen and paper. You should present your answers neatly with good diagrammatic description.
·         Contact a good tutor for your exam preparation and then you can lead yourself directionally towards your goal.
·         Try to contact other students, who are applying for the same and try to know, what they are up to. May be, you can get an insight on what you may be missing.

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  • STEP Exam Dates

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  • STEP " Frequently asked Questions

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  • STEP Exam Fee

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  • Documents Required for STEP Exam

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  • Registration for STEP

    Registration can be done by contacting to the STEP center in your country. Read on to know information on registration for STEP Cambridge.

  • STEP Scoring System

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  • STEP Exam Structure

    Candidates are required to sit the STEP examination as per the university guidelines. Read on to know the format of STEP exam.