Candidates are required to sit the STEP examination as per the university guidelines. Read on to know the format of STEP exam.

STEP Exam Structure

The format or the structure of the STEP exam is determined by the Cambridge official body. The marking and the producing of the result is also done by them. STEP I and STEP II is based usually on A level content, while the difficulty level in STEP III is more advanced. Read on to know exam structure of STEP Cambridge.
Exam Structure Of STEP Cambridge
·       It is a 3 hour test and consists of 13 questions overall.
·       Eight questions are purely mathematical in nature, two questions are from probability and statistics and the remaining three questions are from mechanics. 
·       You need to answer 6 out of 13 questions. Maths is usually level A.
·         Both STEP I and STEP III are 3 hours test, which includes, again a sum total of 13 questions, of the same pattern and subjects as in STEP I.
·         In both the papers, you need to answer 6 questions each. Maths level is usually level A and further.
·         The students do not have to sit in all the exams, but whatever is instructed as per that. Mostly students go for one or two exams

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  • Registration for STEP

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  • STEP Scoring System

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