Convert your eleventh hour questions into simple answers through a quick series of questions. Read on to know about STEP FAQS.

STEP – Frequently asked Questions

Some of the important things while preparing for the exams are usually shrugged off or missed out. It may not happen intentionally but may a slip of mind can happen. The time you realize you have certain doubts in your mind, you start pondering over and over again. Read on to know some STEP FAQS.

FAQS In STEP Cambridge Exam
·         What is STEP?
A)    STEP is Sixth term examination papers. It is offered for those students, who have got an offer for course in maths from University of Cambridge. It is for under-graduate courses.
·         When is the exam for STEP?
A)    The exam is on 21st and 23rd of June, 2010.
·         What is the fee for STEP?
A)    The fee for STEP is2,759.97 INR for each paper.
·         Which universities ask for STEP scores?
A)    University of Cambridge, Warwick, Bristol, Oxford, Imperial College of London and University of Bath for undergraduate courses.
·         When are the results for STEP announced?
A)    The results are declared online on August 19,2010
·         Is the fee for STEP refundable?
A)    No
·         Where I can make registration for STEP?
A)    British Council in India, as listed in the registration procedure, are responsible for registration procedures.
·         What kind of test is STEP?
A)    STEP is a pen-paper based test.
·         What is the test duration?
A)    3 hours
·         Can I take calculator in the exam?
A)    No, the use is not allowed.

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