Preparation should always be followed by tricks. Read on to know how to earn high SAT score.

How to Score High in SAT Exam

Even if you have done a thorough preparation for your examination, even then you may land up in getting an average score. You might wonder the reasons for others to get excellent scores in spite of the same preparation and questions. Read on to know how to earn a SAT score.

Tips To Earn Score In SAT
The following tips will surely help you understand the scoring pattern and will assure your success in the SAT exam. Read on to know the tips to earn score in SAT.
·         You get a point for every correct answer, but every incorrect answer results in the subtraction of a quarter of a point.
·         This scoring system illustrates why it is advisable to guess on four-choice SAT test questions only when you can eliminate one or more potential answers.
·         In general, the College Board believes that your SAT test score in each section will be within 30-40 points of your actual ability in that area; for this reason, your SAT test scores are placed within a range indicating your probable ability level.
·         After you receive the exam, you can request that your scores be sent to colleges of your choice by performing a simple SAT upload at the College Board website.
·         Practice filling in 'grid-in' type answer blocks. Be careful when entering a number like 1 ½, which has to be filled in as 3/2 or 1.5.
·         Questions in SAT exams are arranged from easiest to most difficult, except in the critical reading sections

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