Registration process for the SAT or any other exam is a critical process. Read on to know how to register SAT exam.

How to Register For SAT Exam

The following information will help you in following the right registration procedure for the SAT exam. Read on to know further the registration procedure for the SAT exam. Right method can definitely lead to surety and accomplishment of the same.
What Is The Registration Procedure For The SAT Exam
For the first timers, SAT has the basic criteria for registration through mail. Details on registration by mail can be done as per the following information:

Registration by mail
·         The registration form is available at your school office, College Board official website or USIEF offices.
·         Attach the required demand draft with the form and send it to:
College Board SAT program,
NJ 08541,
·         An additional surcharge is charged for students in India, which approximates to $ 9, (1042.82 INR).
·         If you have crossed the date of registration, there is an option for “standby registration”.
·         You can get the filled up form to the exam centre. Get the required money in cash or in form of a demand draft, late standby fees approximating to $ 38 (1722.92 INR) not later than 7.45 am.
Online Registration is the quickest and the most convenient way for registration. You can follow the following   procedure if you are applying online for the exam:
You require any one of the credit cards like Visa, American express or MasterCard then you can easily register your name for SAT examination. The first timers cannot apply online.
SAT is conducted every year, seven times, by US based college entrance examination board, which is the official body for the SAT examination. One can log on to the following website for online registration:

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