Fast-track your career and gain better opportunities with an internship program in Canada. Explore this write-up for the different internship programs offered by Canada.

Internship Programs in Canada

It’s highly wondrous to discover that the second largest country in the world, Canada with a flourishing economy, stunning panoramic views, and buzzing cities, has become a booming destination for workers of the present generation. It is a dream-come-true for every passing out student from college to enter the industry and get recruited by the best of the best companies. The career aspirations are exceptionally high for every student, but seem to be fulfilled by just a meager percentage among the lot. So, when it is an internship program on the start of your career graph, you cannot afford to miss some great opportunities offered to you by one of the booming economies of the world - Canada. Besides the career aspirations and international exposure you receive while working with professionals from varied backgrounds, the entire experience of residing and working in Canada will be an enriching one. Then why leave behind any of the chances being provided to you for improving your skills and enhancing your job opportunities? An internship program from Canada will serve as a cherry on the cake when you finally step down in the increasingly competitive job market. Right from Vancouver to Toronto to St. John’s, applicants are put on internship programs in various cities of Canada, running from 2 to 12 months. The longer your placement, the more beneficial will be your work and the more knowledge you’ll gain. Interns at hospitality and tourism industry are paid about $10-15 per hour, while those in other industries receive a stipend of $200-400 per week. Find all information about the different internship programs offered by companies in Canada. Come; take part in work experience with a difference!
Internship Programs in Canada
Eligibility Criteria
  • One has to be at least 20 years old and not more than 35 years old to be eligible for an internship program in Canada.
  • You should either be a fresh graduate or be a young working professional with prior training or work experience in your related field of work in which you wish to get placed.
  • You should have at least one year’s relevant experience to be eligible for receiving stipend. In the absence of working experience, you will be considered for an unpaid internship.
  • You should possess excellent English communication skills and be comfortable with working in an English-speaking environment.
  • You should produce documented proof of sufficient funds to portray yourself as financially supportive to manage your living in Canada, upon your arrival.
  • You should successfully clear the interview conducted by the host company and complete all other formalities as desired by them.
  • You should have a valid passport and internship visa.
Program Fees
The placement companies can charge a fee ranging from CDN$1390 (for hospitality industry) to CDN$1740 (for other industries) for the internship program volunteered in Canada. The fees include the following costs:
  • Program booking fee of CDN$350 after receiving the confirmation about your eligibility to undergo the internship program.
  • Placement fee of CDN$1040 in the hospitality industry and CDN$ 1390 in all other industries
  • Cost of placement on successful completion of the internship program
  • Cost of assistance provided for visa documentations.
Aside the above stated fees and costs of pursuing an internship program in Canada; applicants are required to cover the cost of the following services on their responsibility:
  • Round trip to Canada
  • Day-to-day personal expenses, including accommodation, travel, food, and other miscellaneous costs
  • Health and accident insurance for the entire duration of the program.
Application Procedure
  • Search through the internet to find all positions open for internship in Canada and evaluate your eligibility for the program and position requirements. Apply for as many positions as possible to increase your chances of receiving a placement.
  • You can either apply online or post your application. For online application, visit the company’s website and fill up the form, along with attaching your up-to-date resume and 2 letters of recommendation.
  • Alternatively, you can download the internship application form and mail it to the mentioned address, attaching 2 reference letters either academic or professional, detailed resume, and recent photo of any size alongside, at least two months before the commencement of the program.
  • After you have sent your applications to different companies, allow them to evaluate your form and documents.
  • Take the telephonic interview and secure a position with a host company in Canada. Thereafter, get all details about the duration of the internship, the kind of internship received, and the amount of stipend offered by them.
  • You will receive a confirmation statement within 4-5 weeks after the interview, along with answers to your questions. The confirmation will also include “need-to-know” country facts and some more pre-departure information.
  • You now have to make the payment of the internship fee asked by the company.
  • Apply for the internship visa to the Canadian embassy in your locality and produce your confirmation documents, upon request.

On obtaining the visa to travel and secure an internship program in Canada, book a ticket and complete all departure details, at least 7 days before flying to Canada.

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