This article highlights the vital information on GRE Checklist Or Test Day Essentials. Read on to know the checklist that has to be followed before reaching the test venue.

GRE Checklist For Test Day

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is the test administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the test scores of GRE is one of the important criterions for getting admissions in graduate schools in English speaking countries.

As the preparation for the test is in full swing and the test day draws nearer it is essential to make a note of essential things required to be taken by the test taker. Focusing on the requisites of the test are also important along with the test preparation so that the candidate does not end up feeling pressurized on what has to be done on test day.

The Following Checklist will be Useful for GRE Test Takers:

  • Identification Documents (Carry any one of these)
    • Passport
    • Driver’s License
    • National ID card
    • Military Card
    • State or Province ID card

If any of the following documents are not presented on the test day as the proof of identity, the candidate will not be allowed to enter the test premises. The invalid documents are also not accepted. 

  • Admission Ticket Received on Completion of the Registration
This admission ticket contains all the details related to the test day such as the test date, information about the test center, the test choice made by the candidate. It is essential that the test taker checks the accuracy of the information printed in the admission ticket. This is only to ensure that there are no last minute complexities on the day of the test.
  • Two HB Pencils Along with an Eraser
Do not forget to take two HB pencils along with an eraser in case of Paper Based Test.
Things To Remember on the Test Day
  • Computer Tutorials
After the test taker enters the test premises there is an online tutorials on computer just before the test starts. It is mandatory for every candidate to attend it even if he/she is well versed with the basics of the computer. The tutorials are based on topics such as:
    • How to use a mouse
    • How to select an answer
    • How to scroll
    • How to use the testing tools
  • Unpredictability in Questions Arrangement
The questions in the format cannot be predicted and it can appear in any order.
  • Cannot Skip Questions
The test takers cannot skip the question and jump to next question until the previous question is answered. Also, there is no accessibility to previous questions of the test once it is answered. So it is advisable to answer carefully and to think twice before jumping into the next question.
  • Test is Adaptive According to the Skill Level
It means that the level of difficulty in question depends on how the test taker answers the first question. The test adapts its questions according to the problem solving skills of the candidate. It starts with a question of average difficulty and if answered correctly, the level of difficulty increases and the question will be easier if answered wrongly.
  • Use of Scrap Paper
You cannot underline important notes in passages, nor cross out the given answer choices. So make use of the scrap papers given for the note making purpose. The test taker is allowed to use as many scrap papers as needed.
Tips for the Test Day
  • Be calm and composed
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Appear for the test on a light stomach. Donot eat too much or too less.
  • Use your breaks wisely.
  • If you are unable to solve a problem try solving it the other way roung using the multi select answers.
  • Pace yourself
  • Do not rush but at the same time do not spend too much time on one question
  • Do not leave any question
  • Do not panic or get nervy. Take deep breaths occassionaly.
Additional Tips for Previous Day of the Test
  • Do not stress yourself by studying more on previous day as one day preparation won’t be much helpful.
  • It is important t o relax and keep the mind calm before the test day, as the stress will only make the test day difficult. So relax yourself.
  • Do not study till late night, as getting an ample amount of sleep is very important to stay alert and fresh on test day.
  • Make a list of colleges and universities to which you would like to send your GRE scores. This list will be helpful when you will be asked to fill the form in which the names of universities after the test.

Having a proper checklist and following few simple tips will help you to complete the test smoothly without being stressed out. So prepare a checklist and make use of it.

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