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EJU Frequently Asked Questions

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Q & A in EJU
·         Can I take EJU exam twice a year? As it is held twice in one year
A)    You can take both the sessions for EJU, but only one score will be sent to the university.
·         Can I get my scores by e-mail or fax?
A)    No, JASSO sends scores to candidates only by registered mail.
·         How long my scores are valid?
A)    The scores remain valid for the next two years.
·         Is the EJU exam only offered in Japanese language?
A)    No. one can take the exam in English also, but the section Japan as a world language can only be taken in Japanese language.
·         What is the fee for the EJU exam?
A)    The fee for the exam is 500 INR.
·         Do I have to necessarily mention the name of the university I wish to apply in?
A)    No, at the time of filing an application, you need not mention it.
·         If I have sent an application form, is it possible to change the subjects?
A)    No, it is not possible as per the rules and policies; however, you can again purchase a form with the submission of fees again and then can make changes.
·         How can the last minute preparations be done for the EJU exam?
A)    You can visit the official website and can download pdf documents for the last minute preparations. Your concepts and knowledge from school should be concrete.

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