Some wise tricks can really boost your chances to get through. Read on to know about scoring high in TSA Oxford.

How to Score High

Thinking skills assessment requires you to be sharp in thinking skills and writing skills section. You can score much more, if you follow a balanced approach in answering the questions in both the sections. You should note that the marking in TSA is automated and you can’t give your papers for remarking. Read on to know some tips to earn high score in TSA Oxford.

Tips To Get High Score In TSA Oxford
• Since scores are not used for placing you under grades, but for comparing candidates amongst themselves. So, try to work out with a general approach for taking the exam.
• Solve as many mock tests, so that you get a hang of the whole thing.
• Start with practicing simple questions and then move on to tougher ones.
• Always do a self-analysis after you are done with the mock tests.
• Read and practice a lot and follow the latest or the previous years patterns

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